MartialGuard for Clubs and Associations

The MartialGuard Clubs and Associations policy is designed to cover the main insurance needs of a Martial Arts Club, Association or Organisation.

The policy will cover you for 12 months and is annually renewable.

Most covers are optional for your selection.

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MartialGuard for Clubs and Associations – covers available:

  • Public and Products Liability - With four indemnity options
  • Member to Member
  • Tournaments and Events
  • Employers Liability - Limit of Indemnity £10 million
  • Directors and Officers Liability - Limit of Indemnity £250,000
  • Group Personal Accident - Three cover bands, Silver, Gold and Platinum, broken bones cover and Physiotherapy sessions on Gold and Platinum bands
  • Specialist Travel - Per trip and annual cover available

The policies will not cover professional competition.

When you take out cover, you will be issued with a policy schedule detailing the cover provided. The Policy Document should be read in conjunction with the schedule.