MartialGuard Instructor

The MartialGuard Instructor policy is designed to cover the main insurance needs of an Instructor.

A key feature of our Instructors Public and Public Liability section of the policy is that cover is arranged on a ‘claims occurrence’ basis and not a ‘claims made basis’.

This means that this section of the policy will respond to a claim for an incident occurring during the period of insurance even if the claim is made against you at a later date.

This is important as liability claims can be notified after an alleged incident has taken place, especially if children are involved.

The policy will cover you for 12 months and is annually renewable.

Both covers are optional for your selection.

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MartialGuard for Instructors - covers available:

  • Instructors Public and Products Liability - with two indemnity limit options.
  • Personal Accident - 24 hour cover, weekly benefits of up to £500, broken bones cover and up to 10 physiotherapy sessions

As an Instructor you must be attached to an Association, Club or Organisation in order to apply for MartialGuard Instructor insurance.

The policies will not cover professional competition.

When you take out cover, you will be issued with a policy schedule detailing the cover provided. The Policy Document should be read in conjunction with the schedule.